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What is this site all about?

1. The telling in words and pictures of one of the Eastern Sierra's most incredible mule packing outfits - Mt. Whitney Pack Trains which operated out of Lone Pine, CA from the 1940s through the early 1970s.

2. The history of Owens Valley towns, pioneering families, and individual people who made Owens Valley what it is today.

3. Stories of mining camps and surrounding areas affecting mining in the mountains surrounding Owens Valley.

4. Stories and photos about the Sierra Nevada Mountains (The Range of Light that is like none other), the personalities who enjoyed them in the past and who are part of the lore we relish to hear about today.


mt whitney from thunder mtn
Mt. Whitney and the Eastern Sierra crest as seen from Thunder Mountain.
(Photograph by Mike Porter - 1977)


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Owens Lake and Vacinity
1939 USGS Topographical Map


noah becker
A 7-shot vertical pano stack of the Sierra Nevada west of Lone Pine as seen under a full moon from the Alabama Hills.
(Photograph by Noah Becker - Thanksgiving 2018)



Entries since 13 January 2018 - Pearsonville
Entries since 27 January 2018 - Little Lake Area Stories by Jane Thomann
Entries since 03 February 2018 - Little Lake Area Photos and Stories by Jane Thomann
Entries since 04 February 2018 - The Dunmovin Express
Entries since 04 February 2018 - Owens Valley Desert News
Entries since 26 September 2018 - Life in Owens Valley
Entries since 05 October 2018 - Bob White and Tunnel Airfield
Entries since 13 October 2018 - Another page of Early Big Pine
Entries since 13 October 2018 - Added a new page on Laws and Laws RR Museum
Entries since 15 October 2018 - Added new page on Andrew Alexander Forbes of Bishop
Entries since 08 February 2019 - Dear Carrie: Letters from the Eastern Sierra 1878-1899 by Linda Haun
Entries since 11 February 2019 - Mountains, Mules and Memories by Bill Carteret
Entries since 10 March 2019 - Jordan Hot Springs & The John Jordan Trail
Entries since 02 May 2019 - The Saga of Inyo County
Entries since 17 May 2019 - Map of Owens Valley - circa 1910
Entries since 20 May 2019 - Completely revamped and reorganized LA aqueduct pages
Entries since 15 June 2019 - Added articles about the Lone Pine earthquake of 1872
Entries since 19 June 2019 - Add a page of J.D. Blacks photos documenting the abandonment of farms and ranches in Big Pine and Bishop due to Los Angeles absconding with all of Owens Valley's water
Entries since 17 July 2019 - Manzanar High School pages revamped
Entries since 16 September 2019 - Added 13 photographs of the town of Freeman
Entries since 17 September 2019 - Added a brochure about the Inyo Good Road Club
Entries since 20 September 2019 - Added a new page on mines in the Bishop Area along with various Bishop related tokens
Entries since 23 September 2019 - Completely revamped, reorganized and consolidated all of the 20 Mule Team items
Entries since 03 October 2019 - Completely revamped, reorganized and consolidate all of the Manzanar Interment camp related pages



Entries since 14 November 2018 - Added 54 new photographs to Early Bishop 1
Entries since 14 November 2018 - Added 70 new photographs to Early Bishop 2
Entries since 14 November 2018 - Added 54 new photographs and matchbook covers to Early Bishop 3
Entries since 14 November 2018 - Added 19 new photographs to Early Bishop 4
Entries since 15 November 2018 - Added story about death of S&P engineer near Cartago
Entries since 22 November 2018 - Added Frank Chrysler's obituary
Entries since 06 May 2019 - Added a map of the route of the Los Angeles aqueduct and a map of the aqueduct profile from Owens Valley to Los Angeles
Entries since 07 May 2019 - Added photos of Lona Burkhart
Entries since 17 June 2019 - Added 14 new photo graphs to the early Bishop pioneers
Entries since 24 June 2019 - Added a Hazard red fish decal and some information about Lemoyne Hazard
Entries since 12 July 2019 - Consolidated Sierra Nevada Wildflower pages
Entries since 12 July 2019 - Consolidated Willie Chalfant pages
Entries since 12 July 2019 - Consolidated Vintage Sierra Nevada panorama pages
Entries since 13 September 2019 - Added 10 new photos to Little Lake
Entries since 13 September 2019 - Added 15 new photocards / photographs to Benton / Benton Hot Springs / Thompson Ranch
Entries since 13 September 2019 - Added 4 new photographs to Darwin
Entries since 13 September 2019 - Added 7 new photocards to early Bishop
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Entries since 14 September 2019 - Added 5 new items to Tunnel Airfield
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Entries since 19 September 2019 - Added 13 new photographs to the L.A. Aqueduct Olancha webpage
Entries since 19 September 2019 - Added one new photo to June Lake
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Entries since 20 September 2019 - Added a California Alkali Co. token to the Cartago page
Entries since 20 September 2019 - Added 4 new items to Laws


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owens valley
Owens Valley - looking southwest from the Inyo Mountains near Harkless Flat. Tinemaha Reservor in the foreground.


Mt. Whitney Pack Trains, Vintage Photo Request



Attention ... you must see this!

Flight over Owens Valley and the High Sierra
Flight over Mammoth Lakes Area

Flight over the California Basin and Range Province
Other flights
by Dr. William A. Bowen
steam locomotive




northern nevada
Click to see locomotive in action


mt. whitney pack trains


Owens Valley History readers, it's time to put on your thinking cap, we all need your help. Many vistors have left me with unsolved questions, mysteries, etc. regarding people, places, and events that have occurred in Owens Valley. Please take the time to look at this new page on the website and see if you might have the answer to some of the readers questions. If you have any information at all please e-mail the individual with your comments.

The Internet Wayback Machine

East and Drive U.S. 395
east and drive 395


Index to USGS Topo Maps
Early 1900s USGS Topo Maps from University of Texas Library
university of texas


Eastern California Museum - Independence, CA
eastern california museum


In search of Owens Valley Ancestory? The following Inyo County website might be your answer.
Courtesy of Pam in Bishop, CA

  Inyo County Gen Web

Hey all of you desert lovers!
All of the issues of Desert Magazine, starting with 1937, are now online for you viewing pleasure.
Many thanks to Rocko for making this wonderful magazine available to all of us desert rats once again.

Many thanks to the Backcountry Horsemen of California for their continuing efforts over the decades to help preserve the Sierra Nevada and keep it open to livestock. They strive to promote conservation and the awareness of the benefit of livestock in the backcountry. In addition I, in particular, am thankful that they strive to keep everyone appraised of those, who through misguided legislation or self interests, would try to ban livestock from the mountain range packers not only opened to the public, but who also made us aware of the importance of preserving that same country. It is indeed ironic that it has been those on two feet with easy road-end access to the Sierra, and not four, who have contaminated nearly every stream and lake in the Sierra with giardia.


Many heartfelt thanks to all of the packers, Owens Valley pioneers, and friends who have so generously contributed to this site in pictures and words so that others might share in the experiences that God has so graciously granted to them!


Share the experiences you have had:

If you have pictures of people/places which you would like posted on this site please e-mail me for posting instructions. Please try to include the following information with each picture or story (if you can recall):

  • The date the picture was taken (month/year)
  • The place the picture was taken
  • The names of any people in the picture
  • The type of trip you were on (Sierra Club, Trail Riders, private party, hunting, trail crew etc.)
  • The trip leader and cook's name

In addition to pictures, if you have a particular trail story, humorous or serious, which you would like to share with everyone please e-mail it directly to me. If you e-mail the file, please send the file in either Microsoft Word, if possible, or as a pure text file.

Remember - there are a host of folks out there waiting to blessed by your High Sierra or Owens Valley story. Don't disapoint them, or yourself, by failing to share your experience.

Thank you, from everyone, for obeying that still small voice within you and sharing your heart and experiences with everyone.

Owens Lake in 1911 before it was drained dry by Los Angeles
owens lake

Owens Lake and Vacinity
1939 USGS Topographical Map

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The Pigmy Packer (1970), with his horse - Quarter Boy, and two guest from New York on New Army Pass. Mules were Nigger, Bart, and Dan.

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My Favorite Sierra Nevada Fish - Volcano Creek Golden Trout
golden trout

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